USA Cigarettes Store are alright

Newport Cigarettes Carton Cheap contraction, pass out visible make

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USA Cigarettes Store are alright

2. The anti-counterfeiting layout of "double dragons performing beads" over the back

Legitimate cigarettes: "dragon ball" layout, round, comprehensive, bright circle bead pattern, dragon shot above any rays of numerous zhangs; "Double Dragon" layout, bright together with clear, monster scales, monster claws appears visible; Yunyan pinyin shots round together with full.

Bogus cigarette: any counterfeit ciggie dragon shot dim hardly any glow; 2 bottle dragon layout blurred, one can find oxidation blotches; Yunyan pinyin steady strokes. Fig. a pair of Left a fact and ideal false

3. Model of the placed pull cable head together with sealing utilizing transparent documents

Real using tobacco: the model of the head may be a small semicircle; The top and lessen ends within the cellophane incredibly hot sealing clearly Cheap Newport 100s Free Shipping show contraction collections, and the center position is certainly smooth.

Bogus cigarette: the form of any counterfeit ciggie pull cable head is certainly half ellipse; Transparent documents sealing path at together ends within the contraction within the trace, the center position within the hot closing bubble even more. Figure 3 well said above together with false down the page

4. The foot of any steel factors and translucent paper closing

Real using tobacco: steel shots USA Cigarettes Store are alright, strong, different variety of strength is not similar; Transparent documents ironing steady, natural Newport Cigarettes Carton Cheap contraction, pass out visible make.

Counterfeit ciggie: the bogus cigarette press strength is certainly small, basically aren't able to see any stamp; Translucent paper incredibly hot sealing loose, no make.