This is part of the recipe where cooking gets profitable

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This is part of the recipe where cooking gets profitable

That's the fish that you'll stop burning at level 59 with Cooking Gauntlets and at Buy OSRS Gold Cooking Range you can't fail to make this one. Additionally, from the point of the guide to training skills, if you follow your next steps to level up, you won't be burning any additional food.

Even though you'll need 9k Lobster cooked to get to the next stage this is very affordable as raw Lobsters are often catched by fishermen and cooked ones sell well. At this point, if you've not started cooking at Hosidius house yet you should really start doing that.

After 76 , it is possible to cook Swordfish. In this bracket, you'll require approximately 9k Swordfishes cooked before proceeding to the next stage. This is the most efficient (F2P) game for free cooking fish.

This is part of the recipe where cooking gets profitable. Monkfishes are extremely good in terms of knowledge and can be a good source of money. They require around 16k to move on. This method is for P2P (members) it requires completion of Swan Song quest if you wish to find them yourself.

These are considered to be the top money makers after 89 cooking as Sharks are among the most commonly consumed foods in OSRS. It is possible to cook them up to Buy Old School RS Gold 99 for a good profit however if you are looking for the highest performance, stop at 93. The number of Sharks needed to get to this level is approximately 11k.

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